DiskDigger Pro File/Photo Recovery APK Latest Free Download for Android

Download free disk-digger apk pro File recovery app from here by using below links just click on the given link to start download automatically. This is an amazing and useful app for all android mobiles and android users and this app allows you to recover your all important data which you deleted from your phone this app helps you to get back your lost data easily on just one click. You just have to download this tool from here by using below link and install it on your device and open it after open this app you will see an option of scan file or deep scan. Scan your device and wait for few seconds to load it files it will get back all deleted photos and videos. just select photos and recover them to your phone. If it will unable to get back your old items then Root your device with a new and refreshed tool and then install this app again to scan phone for photos and videos. 
DiskDigger Pro File/Photo Recovery APK Latest Free Download for Android

Here's a detailed list of all the new features and updates:

    Now using a Ribbon interface, which contains navigation (Back / Next) buttons, configuration settings, and recovery options.Every section of DiskDigger's workflow now has a "Help" button where you can find answers to common questions about the recovery process.In "dig deeper" mode, recoverable files are named in a more friendly way. Instead of naming them "Sector 12345", DiskDigger will try to name them based on any metadata that it finds within the files. For example, if a recoverable .JPG file contains a date stamp, it will be named "Photo taken on 2016-12-15". This will make it easier to sort through the list of recoverable files, and help you pinpoint the files you're looking for.In "dig deeper" mode, you can now save and restore sessions (in the Advanced tab).In both "deep" and "deeper" modes, you can now save a detailed report (in the Advanced tab) which is a log of all recoverable files found by DiskDigger, along with basic meta-information for each file.Improved support for scanning disk images. In the Advanced tab when selecting a drive, click the "Scan disk image" button. For forensic-strength scanning of disk images, you can control the number of bytes per sector (all the way down to 1), for recovering files that may not be aligned to sector boundaries.
The DiskDigger app for Android is now better and easier to use than ever! A lot of its low-level recovery logic has been updated, allowing it to provide you with all of this new functionality
  • Recovered files can now be saved directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage apps installed on your Android device.
  • Recovering files via email (Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.) has been improved, with each file being a separate attachment in the email.
  • Lots of minor cosmetic enhancements for better compliance with Material Design guidelines.
  • Improved recovery of .MP4 videos and .ZIP files.
  • Added support for recovering .RAR archives
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